Saturday, September 23, 2006

Asbestos Mesothelioma Resource

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin: Died on 4 September 2006

On 4 September 2006, Irwin was fatally pierced in the chest by a stingray off the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia while filming a segment for his daughter Bindi Irwin's underwater documentary on the reef and small animals. The BBC reported that this was only the second known fatality in Australian history from a stingray attack.

Shortly after 11:00 a.m. local time (01:00 UTC), Irwin was filming in the Low Isles, Queensland near Port Douglas, north of Cairns, Queensland, Australia, where he was stung either through his heart or through the left side of his chest and suffered cardiac arrest. After he was stung, his crew called for medical help and the Queensland Rescue Helicopter responded, taking him to Cairns Base Hospital.

However, Irwin was pronounced dead at noon. The Queensland Police Service notified his family and released a statement for the media concerning the event.



Thursday, June 08, 2006

Iraq - Who Do You Prefer, Bush or Saddam?

Al-Zarqawi died.

Many people were involved in a loud applause in one news conference... pathetic. ;-(

Is he really a terrorist? I'm not sure.
So many violence around makes you confused.

Who REALLY started the war at the first place?
Was it Saddam?
Was it Al-Qaeda?
We don't even know if there IS Al-Qaeda...
Was it Bush?

What REALLY started the war?
Was it nuclear issues?
Was it hatred?
Was it personal reasons?
Was it oil?
Was it fear for certain religion?

So who do you prefer for Iraqis... Bush or Saddam?
Thousands of people died in the past.
Thousands of people dies until now.

And it just makes you sad... :-(
...when people killing people without the right reasons...


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Traveling to Asia

Immensely popular as a tourist destination, Asia provides a peek into a rich history and an even richer culture. In fact, some of the great wonders of the world can be found within the boundaries of this continent.

Travelers to Asia will probably have the Great Wall of China as their first stop. Extending to about 2,414 kilometers or 1,500 miles with a height of about 25 feet, the wall has been said to be visible even in outer space. Erected by the Qin dynasty’s first emperor Shihuangdi to defend the city from the nomadic people, the wall is made out of earth and stone.

Another worthy travel spot in Asia, particularly in China is the Terra-cotta Warriors and Soldiers Museum in Xi’an China, which is considered to be one of the world’s greatest archaeological find. Another tourist destination that should be in the list of any traveler to Asia is the Forbidden City, now known as the Palace Museum in Beijing. The enclosed location holds the former palaces of Chinese emperors. Tiananmen Square, which is also located in Beijing, set adjacent to the Forbidden City. A witness to a series of student-led demonstrations and rallies in 1989 calling for the removal of Deng Xiaoping, the square is now a memorial of those whose lives were sacrificed. Asian travelers will probably want to also go to Dunhang, where ancient Buddhist frescoes in caves can be found.

One of the wonders of the ancient world, the Angkor is a major archaeological site located in the northwest parts of Cambodia. A historical travel spot in Asia, the ruins have two Hindi temple complexes, the Angkor Wat and the Angkor Thom, which is less popular having been built later. And though the site has been damaged much by warfare, a traveler in Asia can still feel the ancient spirit of the place living on.

Taj Mahal is another ancient site that continues to lure travelers in Asia into its midst. Located in Agra, India, the temple was made by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal (Jewel of the Palace) who died in childbirth after bearing him 14 children.

Bangkok, Thailand is another travel spot in Asia. One of its most popular tourist destination is the Wat Pho or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Other destinations that would surely fascinate any traveler in Asia are the Wat Phra Kaeo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), which is known as a example of 19th-century architecture; Buddhist temples; the Sanam Luang, where royal ceremonies such as cremation and the annual Ploughing Ceremony are often held; the Dusit Park, Zoo and the Chitladda Palace where the royal family reside. Bangkok is also home to numerous art houses such as the National Museum, National Theater, National Gallery, Rajadamnoen Stadium (the preeminent venue of Thai kick-boxing), National Library, and National Archives.

The Philippines have also a lot to offer travelers in Asia. Its beaches and resorts can rival the world. Boracay, for instance, is known for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Another island destination that any traveler to Asia should not dare miss is Palawan and Bohol, where the world famous Tarsier and Chocolate Hills can be found. Of course, one must also visit the Ifugao Rice Terraces, which is one of he Ten Wonders of the World as well as the Mines View Park and Strawberry fields in Baguio.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Danish Mohammed Cartoons - Chaser's Point of View

Greetings all,

Those danish mohammed cartoons simply gives us a clear clue of how the non-moslems (well, most of them) see Islam.

Actually, it's a pitty for those drawers, I say. Why?

When I first saw those moslem cartoons, I saw hatred. I sensed anger. Negative messages are emerging from those cartoons.

For all moslems around the world...

I suggest you handle this issue wisely. You don't have to become fools to counter fools. You say Islam is the highest, right?

Well, show that to the world.